Design and production of hydraulic components for lifts and elevators.

Start Elevator, active since 1967,
is one of the first companies in Italy to build
“Groups for Hydraulic Lifts and Elevators”

Since 1967 START ELEVATOR HYDRAULIK has produced “Oleodynamic Groups for Elevators and Equipment-Lifts”.
Thanks to “on-site” design and construction of fundamental components, to technological innovation and to the presence of highly specialized staff, START ELEVATOR Srl has turned into a very competitive company, able to guarantee product quality and to promply respond to everything the market requires.


Thanks to the total domestic production of all components using modern tools and constantly updated, specialized and trained personnel with years of experience, allows Start Elevator to respect the most important prerogative : the Product Quality.


The Company, founded in a small workshop of a few hundred square meters, thanks to continuous investment in research and development of its products, now has a Start Elevator home to more than 5000 square meters with the capacity and flexibility to satisfy every request in a short time.